Volt+ AMP


The Volt+ is a standalone amplifier with RCA IN (stereo). In addition to everything that the Volt has, we have added a circuit in the power supply that will reject spikes and noise to about 60db. The name of the circuit is “Capacitance Multiplier”. Please note that Class D amplifier needs a quiet PSU. The Volt+ can be used with Allo’s DACs through the RCA input, or as a standalone board.


The TPA3118 class D amplifier IC is a leap in terms of audio quality.

Our board is a high quality implementation of the stock design.

– Using TPA3118 (better grounding of main IC)
– Anti-Pop circuit
– Bootstrap snubber mod
– Brand name components as per picture
– Radio avoidance switch (to reduce interference)
– PCB with extra copper (since on transient’s current can spike to 5A)

HAT Size Not HAT Compliant

This class D amplifier goes up to 2 x 50W Max
The components used are specifically designed for high end audio devices (Würth Inductor, TI chipset, film capacitors and ± 1% thin film resistors)
VOLT AMP boasts 4 output filters, 4 EMI Snubbers, 4 bootstrap capacitors and gain setting components
And Additional Provision for stepped attenuator volume control
Comes in two flavors (Volt and Volt+)
Power Connector Jack Barrel size: 3.00mm ID (0.118″), 6.50mm OD (0.256″)

Also Required

19-24V power supply, 3×6.5mm barrel jack, 60-100W (Common power supply specs for laptops)

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