UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Top-End 450


Pi Modules – UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Top-End 450 – PM_072

The UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Top-End 450 is an advanced Intelligent Mobile Power Bank and Uninterruptible Power Supply especially designed for the Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+, that adds a wealth of innovative powering/backup functionality and development features to the innovative microcomputer! The UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Top-End 450 will automatically shut-down your Raspberry Pi® if there is a power failure, supply mobile applications from battery source, and can be set to automatically monitor and reboot your Raspberry Pi® once power has been restored! It is equipped also with an Intelligent Externally Accessed (with Files Safe Shutdown) Slide Power Switch that allows to safety System Switch ON/OFF whenever you like, without worrying about files corruption as it is always properly shutdown the system before cable power will be disconnected. This new and very advanced feature, switches OFF also the Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+ even if it is powered via their micro USB powering cable. This allows also to charge (optionally) the battery when Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+ is OFF however still connected to the micro USB cable powering source.


The UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Top-End 450 features a 5V 3A total current output on battery powering, especially designed for use on the latest Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+!

UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Top-End with Battery 450 offers now 3 User Programmable Keys, 3 User programable LEDs, support for multiple different chemistry of high capacity batteries, 2 x 3 pins optional bi-stable relay (latching – Zero Power) configured as DPDT 2Amp, as also 3 x A/D 12-bit converters with pre-adjustable readings to 5V, 10V, 20V and 30V conversion (when used with Terminal Blocks PCB or separate external resistor). Now, with number embedded sensors (inbound current, outbound current, temperature, voltages), true 5V 1-wire interface, optional RS232 interface and many, many additional functionalities!!

The UPS PIco HV3.0B+ HAT Top-End is equipped with a 450mAh 15C LiPO battery (able to supply 6.5A) specially designed to enable safe shutdown during a power cut. Additionally, this can be easily upgraded to the extended 4000mAh or 8000mAh versions, which enables prolonged use of a Raspberry Pi for up to 16 hours without a power supply connected!

Now, with new add-on board (PIco LP/LF Li-Ion 18650 Battery Holder) you can use all types of the Li-Ion 18650 batteries from electronic cigarettes approaching total capacity of 7200 mAh, as also 18650 LiPO and LiPo4Fe (called 123).

The UPS PIco HV3.0B +HAT Top-End with Battery 450 is powered and the battery pack intelligently charged via the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi®, therefore no additional cabling or power supply is required. Due to that UPS PIco HV3.0B+ Top-End 450 requires no external powering and fits within the footprint of the Raspberry Pi®, it is compatible with most cases, including official Raspberry Pi case with closed lid (Top-End Version).

The new PCB is 2 oz copper 4 layers, especially designed for powering systems offering Multilayer Copper Thermal Pipes for increased System Thermal Response and better passive cooling!!

UPS PIco HV3.0B 450 HAT Top-End PCB with all described below long list of features
LiPO Battery 450 mAh 15C
Not Soldered 2 x 8 Pins headers for all specified below I/Os
Not Soldered 2 x Gold Plated Reset Pin
Not Soldered Electromagnetic Sounder
Not Soldered ON/OFF slide switch
Mounting Spacers, screws, nuts needed to mount on the Raspberry Pi® microcomputer


Designed Especially for the new Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+
HAT Compliant (HAT dimensions and HAT EEPROM)
Plug and Play – Ultra Simple Semi-Automatic Installation via GitHub
Standard Interrupts driven interaction with Raspberry Pi® based on Daemons using GPIO27 (Pin13) & GPIO22 (Pin15), very responsive on massive files copying
(Optional) GPIO free (all GPIOs are available for user application) interaction with Raspberry Pi® is based on current consumptions and I2C activity
Simple status email broadcasting application based on Daemons when Powering Status Changed
Enhanced System Monitoring and Programming API
Labeled J8 Raspberry Pi® GPIO Pins for Easy Plug & Play of experimental cables
Standard THT 40 Pin connector (not soldered)
Remote bootloader for Live Firmware Update on remote locations
Local bootloader for Live Firmware Update

Powering Options

Intelligent Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Mobile Battery Power Bank (starts-up without cable power cycling)
File Safe Shutdown and Start-up Functionality on a Single Button
Single slide ON/OFF switch for battery powered (mobile) and cable powered applications running without power cycling (with File Safe Shutdown functionality when OFF)
Switches ON/OFF the Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+ even if it is powered via their micro USB cable power!!
Possibility to solder external ON/OFF switch (Ready Soldering PADs)
Integrated LiPO Battery 450 mAh 15C (10-15 Minutes of Power Back-Up)
5V 2.6A Power Backup (Peak Output 5V 3A)
No Additional External Power Input Required. System is monitoring power status over 5V GPIOs, therefore is compatible with 99.99% of all existing cases
Additional programmable 5V power source with battery backup, available for user applications also when Raspberry Pi is OFF (5V@750mA) protected with PPTC FUSE and reverse current flow diode, controlled by User and RTC Scheduler.
User and RTC Scheduler controlled, 0.2A@3.3V protected output (sourced from independent and dedicated LDO

Supported Batteries Types and Capacities

Support for LiPO, LiFePO4 and Li-Ion Chemistry Batteries on the same PCB (with high current cable connection) with dedicated plastic base
Support for Li-Ion 18650 low cost batteries (from Electronic Cigarettes) with dedicated mounting base PCB screwed on top
Support for LiPO 18650 batteries with dedicated mounting base PCB screwed on top
Support for LiFePO4 18650 batteries with dedicated mounting base PCB screwed on top
Intelligent Automatic Battery Charger
Available Standard Batteries Capacities are:
LiPO 1500 mAh
LiPO 4000 mAh
LiPO 8000 mAh
LiPO 10400 mAh
LiFePO4 3000 mAh
LiFePO4 4000 mAh
LiFePO4 8000 mAh
Li-Ion from 1200 mAh up to 7200 mAh
Any user selected 16850 battery capacity

Embedded Peripherals and Interfaces

3 User Programmable LEDs for user own application with additional connectivity to external User LEDs (HV3.0B only)
3 User Programmable Buttons for their own application with additional cable connectivity to external User Buttons (HV3.0B only)
System File Safe Shutdown/Start-up button with additional cable connectivity to external button (HV3.0B only)
Single slide ON/OFF switch for battery powered applications with additional cable connectivity to external User Switch (OFF is always combined with File Save Shutdown capability) (HV3.0B only)
(Optional) Bi Stable Relay (Latching – Zero Power) assembled on two different mounting positions:
with two galvanic isolated independent contacts DPDT 1A/30V
with single high current contacts SPDT 2A/30V (HV3.0B only)
Integrated True 5V ESD protected 1-wire interface (with voltage converter to 3.3V) connected directly to the GPIO4 (HV3.0B only)
Integrated ESD-Protected 3 x 12-bit A/D converters with voltage conversion embedded calculators and raw data option (implemented in firmware extensive Lowpass and Olympic Score filtering):
Infra-Red Receiver Sensor Interface (IR Not Included) directly connected to the GPIO18
Programmable Integrated PWM Sounder (programmable by user API or Automatic), able to play music
Integrated Hardware Real Time Clock (RTC) with Battery Back-Up
PWM fan control with dedicated Temperature sensor touching the Raspberry Pi ® PCB, based on Raspberry Pi or Embedded Temperature Sensor (Fan need to be ordered separately). Extremely useful for the new overclocked Raspberry Pi® 3 Model B+
On Battery Powered System Available Running Time (calculated on battery capacity, Battery Level and System Current Consumption)
(optional) second RS232 port (5V tolerant, or 12V via Terminals Block PCB)

Embedded Sensors

Outbound current measure sensor when Battery powered
Inbound current measure sensor when Cable powered
NTC based onboard temperature sensor
(Optional) TO92 Temperature sensor
Battery Level Voltage
Raspberry Pi GPIO 5V level

User/Programmer Interface

I2C PICo API Interface for Control and Monitoring, with over 50 programming registers
Support for 3 different users selectable I2C addresses sets:
* DEFAULT: 0x68, 0x69, 0x6A, 0x6B, 0x6C, 0x6D, 0x6E, 0x6F
* NO_RTC: 0x69, 0x6B
* ALTERNATE: 0x58, 0x59, 0x5A, 0x5B, 0x5C, 0x5D, 0x5E, 0x5F

System Schedulers

Basic Time Scheduler
Event Triggered RTC Based System Actions Scheduler (ETR SAS)

System can wakeup and sleep on external or internal events like:

3 x A/D levels,
RS232 data;

It can trigger actions like: Relay, Auxiliary Voltage ON/OFF, RS232 data with or without involvement of the Raspberry Pi®. Always based on internal Hardware RTC

Case Compatibility

No Additional External Power Input Required. System is monitoring power status over 5V GPIOs, therefore is compatible with 99.9% of all existing cases
Fits Inside Most Existing Cases as no extra cabling is needed
Fits inside to the Official Raspberry Pi Case with closed lid

System Monitoring

Status Monitoring – Powering Mode, Inbound current, Outbound current, Powering Voltage, UPS Battery Voltage, Current and Temperature
Events Pi Log feature
System LEDs – UPS, BAT, CHG, INF, FAN (optionally selected can be mapped to User LEDs)
System Healthy, that informs user remotely if Raspberry Pi and UPS Pico HV3.0 are running properly and system is power protected (based on various internal system triggers)

User Applications Security

(optional) 2-way XTEA Based Encryption Engine for User Intellectual Properties protection

System Protection

Direct Raspberry Pi® Hardware Reset Button via Spring Test Pin (pogo pin)
Programmable Watch-Dog Hardware feature (Still Alive Timer)
PPTC 2.6A fuse
ZVD circuit on 5V GPIO connections
Microcontroller watch-dog
Over Temperature protection
Over Current protection

System Design

Designed and Analyzed with one of the most advanced CAD/CAM Tools – Mentor Graphics PADS
Design Based on Microchip 16-bit 16MIPS micro controller
Industrial Originated

PCB Construction

2 oz copper PCB manufactured for proper high current supply
6mils track/6mils gap technology 4 layers PCB
PCB Surface Finishing – Immersion Gold
Multilayer Copper Thermal Pipes for increased System Thermal Response and better passive cooling

Designed and Manufactured in Europe

3D PDF (Please download first and then open with Adobe Acrobat)
Revised Prospectus and Technical Specifications (Can be opened directly with Web Browser and Adobe Acrobat)
Latest Firmware and Manual

Essential extras

Infrared Receiver
High Capacity Batteries (1500 mAh, 4000 mAh, 8000 mAh)
Bi-Stable (Zero Power) Latching Relay with appropriate TB
PIco single LP/LF 18650 Battery Holder
PIco double Li-Ion 18650 Battery Holder
UPS PIco HV3.0A Terminals Blocks PCB
PIco FAN Kit 3.0


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