Steel case for PiKVM


This case will allow building a turn-key solution based on the PiKVM HAT and Raspberry Pi board.


Actually this is not just a case, but a kit. It includes:

Steel enclosure
High quality steel with cool ​​sand-texture finishing
Tiny LCD screen
It can display the IP address, host name, uptime, and can also be used to display other information. PiKVM OS includes a set of libraries that allows you to display almost anything using Python.
Fan for active cooling
It will protect your device from overheating. PiKVM is able to control the fan speed using PWM, so it will not run at maximum speed all the time.
Plastic housing for the LCD screen
This tiny piece of plastic is responsible for the robust support of the LCD screen inside the case. We used injection molding for making that display holder.
Assembly hardware
A set of screws and nuts to assemble the case and install the fan.


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