Skywriter HAT


Use this 3D interface to sense things floating in the air over it. Detect swipes and the motion of your hand with X, Y and Z positions.

Skywriter HAT uses electrical near-field 3D sensing to generate positional data and detect common gestures like flicks and taps.


Use it to control your presentations like a Jedi, make a theremin to amaze and annoy all, or make a lock controlled by a magic spell!

Electrical near-field 3D/gesture sensing
4-layer PCB for best sensing performance
Range of up to 5cm
Full 3D position data and gesture information (flicks, taps)
Uses the Microchip MGC3130 sensor
Skywriter HAT pinout
Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
Python library
Comes fully assembled


We’ve put together a Skywriter HAT Python library to take all the hard work out of reading Skywriter HAT’s positional data and gestures, along with some examples to help you get started.

Because the sensing distance is up to 5cm you can mount Skywriter HAT behind a sheet of non-conductive material (like acrylic or fabric) and completely hide it inside your project!

Click here for a video of Skywriter in action!


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