Sensor Kit v4.0 for Raspberry Pi


37 Module Ultimate Sensor Kit V4.0 for Raspberry Pi

One kit packed with 37 sensor modules and 35 projects

HiPi Sensor Kit is a learning device for the Raspberry Pi including 37 sensor modules and Dragit software, that will make learning and mastering codes a fun experience.


The HiPi Sensor Kit is a learning kit of 37 sensor modules for Raspberry Pi, suitable for beginners and anyone who enjoys programming toys. It comes with the easy-to-use visual programming language software Dragit, making coding fun and easy to learn. The 37 sensor modules formulate 35 lessons which present you various functions and interesting projects. Use the Sensor Kit v4.0 to start your journey of making and exploring interesting and useful projects.


LEARN TO CODE EASILY- You learn how to code faster and easier than ever with this visual programming language software.
37 SENSOR MODULES- There are a whopping 37 self-designed sensor modules included, elaborately made and all of roughly the same size.
35 PROJECTS PROVIDED- This sensor kit provides a record 35 projects with diverse functions allowing for a dynamic creative experience
STYLISH PACKAGING- A cool-blue plastic packaging box is included to allow for easy and neat storage.



1x Double Color LED
1x Auto-Flash LED
1x Relay module
1x Laser Emitter
1x Button
1x Tilt Switch
1x Vibration Switch
1x IR Receiver
1x Active Buzzer
1x Passive Buzzer
1x Reed switch
1x Photo-interrupt
1x AD/DAConvert-PCF8591
1x RainDrop Sensor
1x Joystick PS2
1x Potentiometer
1x Analog Hall Sensor
1x Hall Switch
1x Analog Temperature Sensor
1x Thermistor
1x Sound Sensor
1x Photoresistor
1x Flame Sensor
1x Gas Sensor
1x Remote Control
1x Touch Switch
1x HC-SR04
1x Temperature Sensor-DS18B20
1x Rotary Encode
1x Humiture Sensor
1x IR Obstacle
1x 1602 I2C
1x Barometer-BMP280
1x MPU6050
1x RTC-DS1302
1x Tracking Sensor
1x Breadboard
1x GPIO Extension Board
1x 40-pin Ribbon Cable for GPIO Board
2x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
5x Pin Anti-Reverse Cable
1x pin ribbon cable
20x Jumper wires (Male to Female)
10x Jumper wires (Male to Male)
1x User Manual

Package Dimensions (feet/inches and cm): 210x145x60mm (Lx Wx H)
Item Weight (Pounds/Ounces, and kg/g): 716g
Package Weight (Pounds/Ounces, and kg/g): 803g
Shipping Weight (Pounds/Ounces, and kg/g): 813g


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