Raspberry Pi Zero W Budget Pack


Remember those cereal commercials that would always say, “part of a complete breakfast”? Well the Pi Zero W is a lot like that bowl of cereal – while it’s great on its own, you need a lot of accessories to make it a complete meal.


The Pi Zero W Budget Pack is almost everything you need to get going with your Pi Zero W and make it a complete meal.

This pack includes:

Raspberry Pi Zero W – the new version with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.
UniPiCase – Zero Standard – Keep your Pi Zero safe while handling.
Mini HDMI to HDMI Adapter – Will let you convert the little port on the Zero to a standard sized HDMI jack. You can get 1080P HDMI video + audio out of this little computer!
USB OTG Cable – Lets you plug in a normal USB device such as WiFi dongle, USB hub, keyboard, mouse, etc into the Zero.
16GB Class 10 SanDisk SD Card (BLANK) – A micro SD card that’s perfect for installing your OS of choice. You’ll need a USB microSD card reader (see below) to image the card from another computer.
5V 2.5A Power Supply – the best way to power up your Pi Zero with a stable 5V power supply that wont vary or sag.
2×20 Male Header Strip – Solder this in to plug in Pi HATs, GPIO cables, etc as you would into a normal Pi.

We also strongly recommend some other parts and pieces to make your Pi Zero computing experience easier (THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED!)

USB microSD card reader to image the microSD card from another computer.
USB Console cable – if you’re not going to stick an HDMI monitor on there, then this is essential, you connect the wires to the GPIO pins and log in over a serial console. Its the easiest & fastest way to get on your Pi
USB Powered Hub – So you can plug in any kind of USB devices without overloading the Zero’s power supply. (You can also, ironically, power the Zero from the hub itself by plugging in a micro USB cable into the hub)
Ethernet/USB Hub – 3 USB Ports and 1 Ethernet
WiFi dongle – Bring Wireless High-speed Internet to your Pi Zero!
Mini Wireless Keyboard w/Trackpad – Requires only one USB port, which makes it a great match for the Pi Zero
Wireless Keyboard w/Trackpad – Also requires only one USB port, but for everyday use.
Pi Cobbler or T-Cobbler – When paired with the male or female 2×20 pin header, you can use your Zero with a breadboard to connect sensors, LEDs, motors and more!


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