Raspberry Pi to iPod HiFi 30-pin-dock Adapter for Airplay Audio Streaming


Give your Apple iPod Hi-Fi®  speaker system new life with the Airplay Audio Streaming Adapter. No wires needed, the adapter plugs right into the dock connector.  


The adapter powers a Raspberry Pi Zero W that digitally sends the audio signal to a high fidelity audio DAC, that then feeds the signal into the dock connector.

Stream Airplay to your Apple iPod Hi-Fi® boom box
Compatible with streaming to multiple Airplay devices synchronously when streaming from a Mac.
Software for Raspberry Pi currently supports Airplay 1, but nothing prevents this adapter working with Airplay 2 once code is available on the Raspberry Pi.
Can also be used to connect general Raspberry Pi Audio to the 30pin connector beyond Airplay sources.
Supports up to 192kHz/24bit playback
Also works with certain other speaker systems with the 30pin Apple Dock connector, for instance the Sony alarm clock ICF-CS10iP, Kicker iKICK iK501, or the Bose SoundDock Portable. For compatibility with your particular device, please inquire directly at info@poolsidefactory.com.
Supports the Firewire as well as USB versions of the 30-pin dock connector (12V and 5V compatible).

Raspberry Pi Zero W and SD card NOT included.

Setup instructions.


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