Raspberry Pi CNC Board V2.60


The Protoneer RPI CNC Board combines a real-time CNC controller (Micro-controller running GRBL) with a powerful credit card size computer – a Raspberry Pi! By connecting the two systems, the CNC board created an ecosystem where the Raspberry Pi provides benefits such as: Processing power, connectivity (IOT) and a well supported community.

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The board plugs directly into the Raspberry Pi General Purpose Input/Output pins, with the micro-controller and Raspberry Pi communicating via serial. (/dev/ttyAMA0)
Installation and configuration

Raspberry Pi CNC Quick Start Guide
Important warnings

None of the components should be powered while installing or configuring.
Do not power up the board with stepper drivers installed if they are not connected to stepper motors. The stepper drivers are current limiting and will overheat if they are not connected.
Make sure to plug in the Stepper driver in the right way round. EN of each axis should align with the “Enable” pin of the stepper driver. (Some Chinese stepper drivers have the printed pin names up side down.)
Grove connector not included.


Raspberry Pi CNC Board V2.60
Green terminal blocks, qty 7
Brass standoff set
Jumper wires for board settings

What you will need to get started

Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 3B / 2 or any Raspberry Pi with 20×2 pin header + accessories like screen, keyboard, mouse…
16 GB micro SD Card or bigger.
A micro SD card reader to load the pre-made Raspberry Pi image
CNC Hardware – Stepper Motors + Pololu Drivers, Linear rails and all the mechanical bits.


Raspberry Pi CNC Quick Start Guide
Raspberry Pi CNC Wiki page
Raspberry Pi CNC User Interface SD Card Image
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