PiZ-EzConnect Terminal Block HAT for Pi Zero


PiZ-EzConnect allows connection to any Raspberry Pi header pins via a terminal block. Like the Pi-EzConnect board, PiZ-EzConnect conforms to the Pi Zero dimensions, making this a nice, compact, easy to use and connect GPIO’s to a Pi.


PiZ-EzConnect exposes the 40-pin header available on a Raspberry Pi. All odd numbered pins are accessible via terminal blocks Pins 2, 4 and 6 are exposed via a terminal block as those pins provide Power and Ground. Other even numbered pins are left to the discretion of the user. A male header block is included for Pi Zero or Pi Zero W users.

PiZ-EzConnect can be used wherever the Pi-EzConnect is used. The compact form factor makes it convenient for use with Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, Pi 2, Pi 3 or other Raspberry Pi clones conforming to the Pi-HAT standards. These include OrangePi, Asus Tinker Boards and other boards.

Additional terminal blocks can be added to PiZ-EzConnect board. These terminal blocks are standard 3.5mm terminal blocks (3.5mm is the distance between the pins). These terminal blocks are readily available from any electronic component supply places.

Using a PiZ-EzConnect board, it is possible to connect multiple sensors and other electronic devices / components to multiple GPIOs on a Raspberry Pi. With PiZ-EzConnect, you can leverage the full capability of a Raspberry Pi.


Exposes Raspberry Pi Zero headers with easy to connect terminal-blocks.
Solderless and secure connections for all GPIO’s via terminal blocks.
Power and Ground are marked. 3.3V, 5V power terminalblocks are presoldered.
Power connections – 5V, 3.3V and ground connections.
Fits Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, Pi 2, Pi 3 or other Pi clones (e.g. Asus, OrangePi) with 40 pin headers.
Compact footprint.
Fully documented pins.
Includes male headers for Pi Zero and two additional 2-port terminal blocks for additional connections.
Terminal blocks can be soldered on bottom layer as well as top layer.

Pi Models Supported

By default, we ship the larger, 40 pin connectors which works with the Raspberry Pi+ (models A+, B+, Pi-2 and Pi-3, and other vendors adhering to the HAT standard). Pi-Zero is also supported, as long as a 40 pin header is soldered onto the Pi-Zero. The mounting holes for the standoff for Pi-zero are such that only two standoffs can be connected.

Older models of the Raspberry Pi with a 26 pin header are not supported.
Recommended Accessories

Standoffs are not included, so we recommend a 12-15mm standoff of your choice.


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