Pimoroni Pico DV Demo Base


A demo board for exploring the digital video and audio capabilities of Raspberry Pi Pico, with HDMI connector, SD card slot, line level I2S audio and buttons.
Raspberry Pi Pico is not included. Your Pico will need to have pin headers soldered to it (with the pins pointing downwards) to attach to our add-on boards.


Intrigued by the possibilities of VGA Demo Base but no longer own a D-sub cable? No problem! This board is an all-digital conversion of Raspberry Pi’s VGA reference design, great for if you want to start hacking on video and/or audio output from a Raspberry Pi Pico and piping it straight into a modern monitor.

We’ve been using this board with Wren6991’s nifty PicoDVI library, which you can use to output a bitbanged digital video signal from an overclocked RP2040. To demonstrate the additional functions of this board, we’ve put together an AV player example that lets you read video files from the SD card and output video and audio simultaneously.

Please note that the video functionality of DV Demo Base only currently works with experimental examples, like the ones in PicoDVI.

HDMI connector
PCM5100A DAC for line out audio over I2S (datasheet)
SD card slot
Reset button
Socket headers to install your Raspberry Pi Pico
Three user-controllable switches
Rubber feet
Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico
No soldering required (as long as your Pico has header pins attached)
Programmable with C/C++


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