Pimoroni Explorer pHAT


The Explorer pHAT is the perfect prototyping side-kick for your Raspberry Pi!

A more diminutive version of the popular Explorer Hat Pro, it’s cheaper and designed to fit perfectly on a Raspberry Pi Zero!


Pimoroni have added a heap of useful input and output options that will take your projects to the next level. It’s great for driving motors, using analog sensors, and interfacing with 5V systems (like Arduino). Perfect for building a tiny robot, or use it with the Explorer HAT Pro parts kit to prototype all sorts of circuits with its LEDs, analog dials, and temperature sensor.

Four buffered 5V tolerant inputs (perfect for Arduino compatibility)
Four powered 5V outputs (up to 500mA total across all four channels)
Four analog inputs
Two H-bridge motor drivers (up to 200mA per channel; soft PWM control)
Explorer pHAT pinout
Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
Female headers require soldering


Explorer pHAT uses the same easy-to-use Python library as Explorer HAT Pro, that includes a bunch of examples to demonstrate Explorer pHAT’s functions.

Python library

Notes: The inputs use a 5-channel buffer that will accept anything from 2V-5V as logic high.
Tutorials & Projects

Soldering Pi Zero pHATs – Beginner
A quick tutorial on soldering Pi Zero pHATs

Build a firefly light – Intermediate
Use a Pi Zero, Explorer pHAT and Zero LiPo to build a pretty firefly light


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