Pi-BB Bread Board for Raspberry Pi


Pi-BB is a powered half-size breadboard ideal for Raspberry Pi™, and compatible with Arduino & other development boards. Use with a Raspberry Pi or standalone for prototyping work.


300 connection points make it convenient to attach any peripheral and access 3.3V as well as 5V from the Raspberry Pi.

Half size breadboard offering 30 columns x 10 rows or a total of 300 points. Five connection points are available for each column, with a total of 60 columns, making it convenient to attach any peripheral.
Provides access to 3.3V as well as 5V from the Raspberry Pi.
Includes a Raspberry Pi header as well as connections as a mirrored header. The 40-pin Raspberry Pi header is soldered on to the Pi-BB board. This allows Pi-BB to be connected to a Raspberry Pi as a HAT. Mirrored Raspberry Pi header allows access to all pins and GPIO’s on the Raspberry Pi.
USB Power-In – Power the Raspberry Pi and the peripherals from a single USB in Port. Optionally, power only the electronics on the board but not the Pi. Continue to power the Pi from the Power port built in on the Pi. Note – the 3.3V power is still tapped from the Pi. 5V power is provided from the USB port.
Use the Raspberry Pi Power – use the power from the Raspberry Pi for the 3.3V bus as well as 5V power.
Provides 3.3V as well as 5V bus from the Raspberry Pi – makes it easy to access the appropriate power for I2C, SPI or other connections.
Standard 0.1 inch or 2.54mm spacing – makes it convenient to attach resistors, diodes, Integrated Circuits, Circuit holders, breakout boards etc.
Dual layer* – solder on top layer or bottom layer. Makes adding components easy.
LED indicator is on when power is on. LED can be turned off using the LED jumper on the board. Jumper shunt-in turns on the LED. When the shunt is removed, LED is turned off.
Same dimensions as a Raspberry Pi. Mounting hole matches HAT specifications, allowing Pi-BB to be mounted securely on top of the Pi.

Use with a Raspberry Pi or standalone for prototyping work. For stand alone, only 5V is available. 3.3V power is drawn from Raspberry Pi, Pin #1.
* NOTE: The ‘mirror’ row closest to the female GPIO connector is single sided to prevent heat damage to the connector when soldering. Solder these connections from the top layer only.
Pi Models Supported

By default, we ship the larger, 40 pin connectors which works with the Raspberry Pi+ (models A+, B+, Pi-2 and Pi-3, and other vendors adhering to the HAT standard). Pi-Zero is also supported, as long as a 40 pin header is soldered onto the Pi-Zero. The mounting holes for the standoff for Pi-zero are such that only two standoffs can be connected.

Older models of the Raspberry Pi with a 26 pin header are not supported.
Recommended Accessories

Standoffs are not included, so we recommend a 12-15mm standoff of your choice.


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