IMX219-160 Camera, 160° FOV, for Compute Module 3/3+ & Jetson Nano


Waveshare 16662 – IMX219-160 Camera, Applicable For Compute Module 3/3+ & Jetson Nano, 8 Megapixels, 160° FOV


This camera is compatible with the following devices: Compute Module 3/3+ combined with Compute Module IO Board v3 or Compute Module IO Board with PoE Feature
StereoPi Standard Edition or Slim Edition
Jetson Nano


Supports NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit, Compute Module 3/3+
8 Megapixels
Sensor: Sony IMX219
Resolution: 3280 × 2464
Lens specifications:
CMOS size: 1/4inch
Aperture (F): 2.35
Focal Length: 3.15mm
Angle of View (diagonal): 160 degree
Distortion: <14.3% 4 screw holes Used for attachment Provides 3.3V power output Dimension: 25mm × 24mm Applications Combined with the Jetson Nano AI computer, this camera suits for AI projects such as: Face recognition Road mark detection License plate recognition Development Resources Wiki:


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