If you are looking for a case for HiFiBerry DAC+,Digi+ or AMP+ board – please check our own HighPi Case that was designed with HiFiBerry boards in mind. It’s now in stock!

The HiFiBerry DAC+ is a high-resolution digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi. This is a special sound card for the Raspberry Pi, that is optimized for one specific use case: the best audio playback quality.


Dedicated 192kHz/24bit high-quality Burr-Brown DAC for best sound quality
Hardware volume control. You can control the output volume using €œalsamixer€ or any application that supports ALSA mixer controls.
Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi, no additional cables needed
No soldering Comes as a pre-fabricated kit. You just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi, conform to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification.
Compatible with all Raspberry Pi models with 40-pin GPIO header (Only original A and B models have 26-pin headers)
Directly powered from the Raspberry Pi, no additional power supply
Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performance
Integrated EEPROM for automatic configuration (with write-protection).
Note that this feature is still in development by the Raspberry Pi foundation. You will be able to upgrade your HiFiBerry DAC+ when it is officially available. The sound card already works without this feature.
Comes with all components required to mount it. We include 4 M2.5x12mm spacers to fix the board onto the Raspberry Pi.
For Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3
Integrated Volume Control: Yes
Clock Generation: Raspberry Pi
Access to GPIO: Yes
Available Outputs: RCA/Phone Jack
Pre-soldered HifiBerry DAC+ RCA
Nylon spacer set


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