GFX HAT – 128×64 LCD Display with RGB Backlight and Touch Buttons


A 128×64 pixel, 2.15″ LCD display with snazzy six-zone RGB backlight and six capacitive touch buttons. GFX HAT makes an ideal display and interface for your headless Pi projects.


GFX HAT riffs off Pimoroni’s beloved Display-O-Tron HAT, but gives you the flexibility of individual pixels, letting you display more complex graphics and real typefaces, while retaining the handy capacitive touch buttons for input/navigation.

128×64 pixel, 2.15″ LCD display
Integrated diffuser/reflector assembly
Six-zone RGB LED backlight
SN3218 LED driver chip (I2C address 0x54)
Six capacitive touch buttons with white LEDs
Microchip CAP1166 capacitive touch/LED driver chip ((I2C address 0x2c)
Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
Python library
Comes fully assembled


Our Python library handles displaying on the LCD, controlling the backlight, and linking functions to the touch buttons. We’ve also included a couple of examples to get you started.


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