Flirc Raspberry Pi Zero Case


WHAT’S IN THE BOX? A companion to the best selling raspberry pi case. We’re introducing a portable, passively cooled, raspberry pi zero case that matches the aesthetic of it’s big sister.


ULTRA PORTABLE We kept everything that makes our original case great, shrunk it down, and added some nice elements that make this mini PC for every day carry. The SD Card is enclosed in the case so it won’t slip out, or get stolen. The case needs to be disassembled before the SD card can be removed. We also are shipping with a lanyard so you can throw it on a keychain or use it for earrings.

Swap the top for open access to the GPIO pins. Just unclip the top and pop in the included second top. Mount your favorite board and don’t worry about heat. The heat sink is built into the metal and its efficiency is awesome regardless the top.


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