Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 Case


The perfect home for your new Raspberry Pi 4. We will ensure our case is adjusted to fit the latest Raspberry Pi specifications. Our case is made of a beautiful aluminum core heat sink that is sandwiched between two black, soft touch shells that feel amazing in your hands. But once it’s out of your hands, it blends in with your entertainment system.


WHATS NEW? This is the first affordable Raspberry Pi case made out of aluminum. We wanted to ensure we didn’t sacrifice form over function, so we used the aluminum housing of the case to provide a built in heat sink. Supplied with the case is a thermal pad and 4 screws for the simplest Raspberry Pi case assembly on the market. It only takes seconds to drop your Raspberry Pi into it’s amazing new home and show it off on your counter top. .

We included rubber feet to raise the enclosure so it just hovers underneath your television. In addition to the built in heat sink, small ventilation slots on the bottom help keep the Raspberry Pi cool. GPIO pins are accessible through the slot on the bottom of the case and there is no need for disassembly to get to the SD card. We know you will love the attention to detail we put in throughout the case.
Does the case support the Raspberry Pi 4?

Yes, designed, proven, and tested only for the Raspberry Pi 4B
Can I see the Raspberry Pi’s LEDs?

Yes, you can.
Why did you make a Raspberry Pi case?

Flirc is one of the best selling items for the Raspberry Pi. We haven’t only been concentrating on Flirc, we’ve been concentrating on enhancing media centers and their experiences. We’ve got more coming.
What does the case come with?

The case comes partially assembled. All you need to do is put your thermal pad on the CPU, drop your Raspberry Pi inside the case, and screw the bottom of the case on with the included screws.
Does the case come with a Raspberry Pi?

The case does not come with a Raspberry Pi.
Can I access the SD Card?

Yes, the SD card is accessible through a slot on the front of the case.
How do I attach the Thermal Pad?

Take off the plastic force fields from both sides and place it on the CPU.
Does this case support the Raspberry Pi 3B+, 3B, or 2?

No, get the case made for the 3 here:
I’m having trouble fitting a standard IO Cable for the Connectors, do you have a recommendation?

Yes, this one works perfectly fine:
What kind of thermal pad do you use?

ARCTIC Thermal pad 1.5mm thick


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