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First… What is a “Transporter”

Basically you have your music on the cloud or on your PC/NAS. If it’s on the cloud , you will use your smartphone to access your account and play. From your smartphone, in order to send the music to your DAC (DACs have USB and/or S/PDIF inputs) you need a transporter that will be visible (to your smartphone / tablet /PC) as an Airplay device (iOS ) or UPNP/DLNA (Android/PC).


Allo’s transporters have different outputs. USBridge is feeding your DAC through USB and DigiOne is using coaxial/bnc. Depending on your DAC inputs you need to make a choice.

Allo started designing a digital (S/PDIF) transporter for RPI with one goal in mind: Absolute best S/PDIF output.

Behind the grandiose wording there is an exact science. Since this is a digital stream the most important aspect for “absolute best” is jitter. Jitter in digital domain directly translates into analog errors. Second, is noise. Lowering the noise that’s injected in your DAC will produce some (small-to-none) improvements.

Then Allo went to work.

10 LDOs, 12 LPF, DC/DC convertors, galvanic isolator, WM8805, flip flops, buffers, NDK oscillators.

Optical had to go… by definition it has a jitter of 4ns. That’s 4000ps. They simply removed it. However, optical has galvanic isolation so we took the decision to use a digital isolator instead that separates the outputs from both RPI and WM8805.

DigiOne has 2 outputs: BNC and plain RCA (coaxial). On both, Allo has achieved jitter of 0.6ps (1 picosecond – time taken by light in a vacuum to travel approximately 0.30 mm).

Noise. 50uV (batteries have about 12uV of noise).

What Allo achieved, in their opinion and based on public measurements, is the best transporter at any price point (yes, even when compared with 5k USD/EUR transporters).


AP Analyzer Report – BNC
AP Analyzer Report – RCA
MCLK (OSC) Jitter Measurement


10 LDOs, 12 LPF, DC/DC convertors, galvanic isolator, WM8805, flip flops, buffers, NDK oscillators.
2 outputs: BNC and plain RCA (coaxial)
Noise. 50uV

Note: This product doesn’t comes with any standoffs.


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