DigiOne Signature


Allo’s DigiOne has no equal. In their quest for digital perfection they asked how they can improve the design and give you the ultimate DigiOne.


First, they decided to use more board space (using 2 boards), the PCB area increased 220%. First board is the dirty side and top board has the clean side. With the extra space, they have used the best decoupling capacitors (film) on everything that’s important (clocks, buffers, flip flops). Also, with this extra space they added a supercap on the clean side so most of the electrons come from this onboard buffer (there is so much power onboard that DigiOne Sig can run a few seconds without any power attached to the clean side).

They also decided to use 2 power supplies. The dirty power needs 5V /2-3A (RPi power). The clean side needs about 100mA and accepts from 5V to 6V. You can use anything on it, linear power supply or pure batteries power.

Thirdly, they changed the clocks to the latest from NDK (ultralow jitter SDA) that have lower phase noise than the previous generation.

It’s a “re-clocker”. The unit has its own clocks so it does not rely on the jittery RPi clocks
It’s galvanically isolated. The clean board is isolated (ground and signals) from the dirty side
It needs 2 PSUs, one for 5V/2A-3A (RPI) and a second power 5V to 6V 100mA. Allo does recommend the cleanest power supply possible (batteries, linear but even a good SMPS will work)
Old driver is compatible for both units (chose DigiOne on your favorite player)
Measured jitter has decreased further, less than 400fs (tested at buffer)
Output is coaxial/BNC and rise/fall time is 1ns and voltage level is exactly as per guidelines (550mV on coaxial) measured at end of transmitting cables


DigiOne Signature DAC board
Metal Standoff Set
Includes 2 x DC to Type C Adapter Cables
Includes 1 x DC 5.5 x 2.5 to DC 5.5 x 2.1 Adapter


DigiOne Signature Tech Manual
DigiOne + DietPi Installation and Configuration Guide
DigiOne + Volumio Installation and Configuration Guide


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