CS lens for the Raspberry Pi HQ camera, 16 mm, 5 Mpix


This is CS lens for the Raspberry Pi HQ camera. With this lens, you can get a sharp focus for all objects from 30 cm and more, thanks to a fixed iris and special optics construction. This is a notably different behavior from the 16mm lens with manual iris. With this HiPi16M5F16 lens, you’ll focus your efforts on the artistic component of your shots, but not on adjusting settings for each new scene.


It’s also ideal for surveillance or scientific applications. Take a look at our sample shots in the image gallery!

Incredible depth of field for sharp focus of objects almost anywhere in the image.
This is CS-mount lens. No need to use C-CS mount adaptor for your Raspberry Pi HQ camera.


Image format: 1/2″
Focal length: 16mm
Iris: fixed
Resolution: 5 MegaPixels
Aperture: F1.8
Mount: CS
Field Angle: 22.4° (H)
M.O.D.: 0.3m
Back Focal Length: 6.7mm
Dimension: 30x42mm
Weight: 40g
Focus operation: Manual


​Remove the C-CS adapter from the HQ camera
Attach the lens to the camera
Start your camera app so you have a preview image for the next adjustments (make sure you activated the camera first!)
Loosen the lens focus lock finger screw and extend the focus ring about mid-range. I turned it ~5 turns. Lock it back for now.
Loosen the camera back-focus lock screw,
Turn the back focus adjustment ring on the camera until the image is clear. This is the gross focus adjustment.
Lock the camera back focus ring by tightening the screw.
Loosen the lens focus lock finger screw,
Fine adjust the image using the lens focus ring,
Lock the lens focus ring using the finger screw on the lens.

Refer to the CS-mount lens guide and the HQ camera Getting started guide as needed.


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