Compute Module IO Board with PoE Feature – For CM3


Waveshare 16664 – Compute Module IO Board with PoE Feature, Composite Breakout Board for Developing with Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3L / CM3+ / CM3+L


The Compute Module PoE Board is a development board which you can plug a Raspberry Pi Compute Module into, and make use of the resources of Pi more flexibly. With the PoE (Power over Ethernet) feature, and versatile onboard peripheral interfaces, it is suitable for evaluating the Raspberry Pi compute module, also is an ideal choice for end products.

Raspberry Pi GPIO header, for connecting sorts of Raspberry Pi HATs
10/100M auto-negotiation Ethernet port, with PoE enabled
4x USB ports, allows connecting more USB devices
2x CSI camera interfaces
Onboard HDMI / DSI interfaces for connecting displays
Onboard USB TO UART, for serial debugging
Cooling fan interface, auto run on power up OR controlled by IO pins
Adopts isolated SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)


Power supply: micro USB port / PoE Ethernet port
PoE power input: 37V ~ 57V DC in
PoE power output: 5V 2.5A DC out
Network standard: 802.3af PoE standard
Dimensions: 114mm × 84.4mm
Mounting hole size: 3.2mm

What’s on Board

Compute Module interface: for connecting Compute Module (CM3 / CM3L / CM3+ / CM3+L)
Raspberry Pi GPIO header: for connecting Raspberry Pi HATs
PoE enabled Ethernet port: 10/100M auto-negotiation, for connecting router or switch with PoE function
DSI interface: display ports, for connecting Raspberry Pi LCD
USB ports: 4x USB ports, for connecting USB devices
CSI interface: 2x CSI camera ports, for connecting Raspberry Pi Camera
HDMI port
USB TO UART interface: for serial debugging
USB SLAVE interface: allows you to burn system image into Compute Module 3/3+
Power port: 5V 2.5A
TF card slot (bottom side): insert a Micro SD card with pre-burnt system, to start up Compute Module 3/3+ Lite variant
Cooling fan interface
LAN9514 (bottom side): fully-integrated USB hub and 10/100M Ethernet controller
Si3404 PoE power management chip (bottom side)
CP2102 USB TO UART converter
EP13 PoE power transformer
Optical isolator
Two LED indicators:
Red: Raspberry Pi power indicator
Green: Raspberry Pi operating status indicator
NET network indicator
VGx power config jumper: config the I/O level
UART output config:
Left: connect the CP2102 serial port and Raspberry Pi serial port
Right: disconnect the CP2102 serial port and Raspberry Pi serial port
Cooling fan config:
P34: the fan is program controlled via P34 pin
EN: the fan is directly powered from 5V power supply
PoE config:
DIS: disable PoE
EN: enable PoE
PoE power voltage measuring pads


Note: compute module in the photo is NOT included.

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