BitScope Blade Uno PI


Uno Pi is a BitScope Blade designed to power and mount one Raspberry Pi and optional HAT. Uno Pi can also power and mount the Raspberry Pi Display.

It’s perfect for building industrial strength stand-alone physical computing solutions with a Raspberry Pi.


Uno Pi has a built-in 5V switch mode power supply capable of powering the Raspberry Pi, one HAT and up to four high current devices (connected via the Raspberry Pi).

Two more devices can be powered via a pair of USB (power only) sockets on the HAT slot and a 3-pin reversable auxiliary power header is available on the Raspberry Pi slot to power other devices such as the Raspberry Pi Display or your own electronic circuits mounted on the HAT prototyping area (bread board solutions available).

Uno Pi accepts supply voltages ranging from 9V to 48V making it compatible with 9V, 12V, 24V and 48V power sources and it can provide up to 3A continuously and 4A surge current for the Raspberry Pi, HAT and any connected devices such as hard disks or SSD, BitScopes and other USB peripherals. Uno Pi can be used with simple plug packs, 12V batteries, unregulated power sources such as PV solar panels, low cost uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and even passive power over ethernet (PoE) solutions.

External power is connected via an industry 2.5mm socket on the board. Alternatively power may be applied via the mounting tabs at the blade edges. The latter connection option makes it possible to mount Uno Pi in Packs and Racks without additional power wiring. Insulating 3mm stand-offs are included for stand-alone desk or wall mounting and custom case solutions may be 3D printed (designs available) for convenient portability.

Power, reset and interrupt control is provided for the Raspberry Pi so it can be powered down, reset and/or replaced without powering down other devices connected to Uno Pi.
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Product Name BB01 BitScope Blade Uno Pi
Compatible Raspberry Pi Models Raspberry Pi 4, 3, 2, B+, A+ and Pi Zero
Supports Raspberry Pi Display Yes (optional wall mount).
Raspberry Pi per Unit 1
USB Ports per Unit 4
HAT Devices per Blade 1
HDMI & sound outputs Yes
Primary Power 5V (Raspberry Pi J8, HAT & 2 x USB ports)
Auxilliary Power 5V (via 3-pin reversable header)
Indicator LEDs Board Power & Device Available
Device power-down header Yes
Processor reset/interrupt Yes
Blade mount tabs Vcc & Gnd with M3 holes
Raspberry Pi mounts M2.5 per HAT specification
Mounting feet included Yes
19″ rack compatible 5RU (with metalwork option)
DIN Rail compatible Yes (with DIN rail option)
Power budget 4A (peak), 3A (continous)
UPS compatible Yes (includes blocking diode)
PoE compatible Yes (with passive PoE cable)
Power Requirement 9V (4A) ~ 48 V (500mA)
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage Requirements -40 °C ~ +40 °C / 5 % ~ 95 % RH
Dimensions (W x D x H) 65 x 160 x 25 mm
Weight (Net) 67g


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