BeoCreate 4-Channel Amplifier


The Beocreate is a joint project between audio legends Bang & Olufsen and HiFiBerry. It is a very flexible 4-Channel DSP/DAC/amplifier combination board designed for high-quality music playback in combination with passive loudspeakers. It can be a standalone digital amplifier, but by adding a Raspberry Pi, you add wireless music streaming and custom software and DSP programming!


Up to 180W output power (2x30W, 2x60W)
Capable of driving up to four of 4-8 Ohm speakers (the two 60W channels can drive 2 Ohm speakers)
Fully controllable from the Raspberry Pi
Sample rates up to 192kHz
4-Channel digital-analog conversion included
Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi , no additional cables needed
Compatible with all Raspberry Pi models with 40-pin GPIO header (Only original A and B models have 26-pin headers)
Only one 12-24V external power supply needed to power both the Beocreate board and a Raspberry Pi, no need for an external USB power supply
No soldering required, the Raspberry Pi can be plugged easily onto the Beocreate board. Speakers can be connected via screw terminals
Can work standalone (without the Raspberry Pi) as a digital amplifier. However, to program the DSP, a Raspberry Pi is required


294MHz DSP with 16kB data RAM and 8kB program RAM
16 asynchrounous sample rate converters allow to handle different sample rates on different inputs and outputs
DSP can be fully programmed by the end user using Analog’s SigmaStudio (requires a PC with Microsoft Windows)
nboard EEPROM allows to use the board standalone without a Raspberry Pi
TOSLink input and output (up to 96kHz sample rate)
4 channel DAC supports sample rates of from 44.1kHz to 192kHz
2x60W and 2x30W Class-D output stages
expansion connector allows to connect additional hardware (access to Raspberry Pi and DSP GPIOs)
can be used as a 2-channel sound card from the Raspberry Pi
multiple devices can be chain-linked using SPDIF (e.g. to implement an active 4-way stereo system)


TOSLink input and output connectors
5.5mm barell jack and screw terminal for external 12-24V power supply
4x screw terminal to connect loudspeakers
34 pin expansion connector
programming header (compatible with Analog Devices USBi interface)


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