Armor Case with Dual Fan for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – Grey


An armor aluminum alloy case with dual cooling fan designed for the Raspberry Pi 4B. This heat sink casing will provide comprehensive protection on top of increased heat dissipation.


Features: Ultra slim and durable design Combination of aluminum heat sink and dual fan for a faster heat dissipation
Fully compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 4B – All ports and slots will fit perfectly
Includes three thermal pads to ensure perfect heat conduction with the heat sink
Size: 100x72x35 mm


1x Aluminium Alloy Case
1x Dual Fan
3x Thermal Pads
1x Assembly Screw Set
1x Mini Wrench

1. Place the thicker half of the case as shown.

2. Peel the protective paper from the thermal pads and apply to each boss.

3. Peel the protective clear layer from the top of the thermal pads.

4. Place the Pi4 board as shown, noting the alignment of the yellow holes and the screw holes of the case.

5. Insert and tighten the four screws using the included allen key.


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