1.54inch NFC-Powered e-Paper


Waveshare 17953 – 1.54inch Passive NFC-Powered E-Paper, No Battery, Wireless Powering & Data Transfer


Features Rounded Metal Border, Nice Looking, Stunning Quality
Passive NFC Solution, No Battery Required, No Messy Wiring
Wireless Powering & Data Transfer
Features Corner Hang Hole, Ideal For Handbag Decoration, Key Fob, Etc.
Suitable For Smartphone / Key Fob, Contact Card QR Code, Hanging Ornament…

How It Works

Wireless Powering & Data Transfer
To Refresh The Display Content, Use A Smart Phone With NFC Function, Or An NFC Reader, Close To The E-Paper, It’ll Be Done In A Few Seconds

Power supply Wireless
Grey scale 2
Display color Red / Black / White
Refresh time 8s (data transfer time is not included)
Dot pitch 0.138 × 0.138
Display size 27.60mm × 27.60mm
Resolution 200× 200
Outline dimension 47.84mm × 41.28mm
Viewing angle >170°



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